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Renter Beware!

Craigslist is a popular website for searching listings for apartments, condos, and homes for rent; but please, do your due diligence when pursuing this avenue to meet your housing needs. Craigslist and web sites like it are easy to search for what you need, but it is equally easy for scammers to advertise properties for rent or sale that are not theirs to advertise. Bryant Real Estate never advertises vacant properties on Craigslist. Our website is where you can find all current vacancies.



If you are researching a listing found on Craigslist, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Call or visit the property management company, agency, or owner (if listed) to inquire about the property.
  2. Google search the landlord’s name or company and the home address you are considering renting because it is likely you will find some enlightening information if the advertisement is a scam that someone else has uncovered.
  3. If the person you contact in the listing does not require a rental application process that includes: criminal background check, credit check, rental history, and employment/income verification, then you are most likely dealing with a scammer.
  4. Do not allow someone to wire you money, write you a check or money order while you send them cash, or they ask you to send money in exchange. Their check or money transfer could be fraudulent, and you could be held responsible.
  5. Craigslist does not offer a buyer guarantee where Craigslist has approved a safe transaction with the seller and offering buyer protection. This site does not offer that service and should be reported to Craigslist.

Craigslist also has helpful information regarding scams:



Be Prepared this Hurricane Season!

Hurricane Season officially started June 1, 2016 and ends November 30, 2016. Wilmington has had its share of dangerous hurricanes with Fran and Floyd in the 1990s. Make sure you are prepared this hurricane season with a plan. There are many resources available online to help you and your loved ones be prepared. Take a look at the following resources to help you develop a plan the works best for you and your family:



Fun Summer Recipe


Cowboy Caviar

Summer is bathing suit season, and a time to see your family and friends. Keep it healthy with this delicious appetizer for you and your guests to nosh on this summer.

Salsa Ingredients:

1              Ripe Avocado

1              15 oz. can  Black beans, season or plain

1              15 oz. can of Black-eyed peas, seasoned

¼ cup    Cilantro

½ cup    Green bell pepper

3              Green onions

2              Tomatoes

10           Jalapeno pepper, jarred slices

¾ cup    Sweet corn, frozen


½             Lime

½ tsp     Dijon mustard

1 tbsp   Olive Oil

1 tbsp   White wine vinegar

Salt and pepper

1 bag     Tortilla chips


  1. Drain black eyed peas and black beans and add to your serving bowl.
  2. Chop the cilantro, green bell pepper, green onions, tomatoes, jarred jalapeno slices, and place them in the serving bowl with your black eyed peas and black beans.
  3. Add the corn to the mixture.
  4. Whisk together the ingredients for the dressing: olive oil, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, juice from half a lime, and salt and pepper to taste. Add the dressing to your mixture and gently fold together.
  5. Hold off on dicing the avocado and adding to the mixture until right before you are ready to serve. Until your guests arrive, you can keep Cowboy Caviar in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap.
  6. Don’t forget your tortilla chips when your guests are ready to eat this delicious dish.

Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving season and summer season are coming into full swing, and we thought it would be helpful to offer moving tips and tricks to help lower your stress level. The process of moving can seem overwhelming, but it is important to remember to plan ahead and start early.

  1. Start selling or donating the items you do not intend to keep 6 weeks prior to your move.New room empty and box (done in 3d)
  2. At least two weeks prior to your move, be sure to change your address on your accounts. Also, make sure the post office has your forwarding address
  3. When hiring movers, read the fine print on the contract to ensure you understand their policies.
  4. Regarding your bed and mattress, mattress bags are sold at most big box home improvement stores. These help ensure your mattress does not get exposed to any unwanted elements during the move. Also, packing a set of sheets and towels in one of your dresser drawers makes it easier to settle in for your first night in your new home.
  5. To help reduce back injuries, remember to pack lighter items in larger boxes and heavy items in small boxes.
  6. If you have hired movers, make sure they have the phone number where you can be reached during transit.
  7. Irreplaceable items should go with you in your car to avoid any damage to items that you hold dear.
  8. To save on boxes, utilize the containers you already own like baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases.
  9. Clean socks and clothing can be used to save on packing paper and bubble wrap when packing fragile items such as, glasses, stemware, and plates.
  10. To lessen the risk of broken plates and record albums, pack these vertically, instead of flat and stacked.
  11. Blankets and stretch wrap make can help protect your furniture from damage during a move.
  12. When packing your hanging items from your closet, use can use trash bags with a hole in the bottom to create a make shift garment bag for your clothes.
  13. To help with your entertainment center setup, take a photo of how your electronics were connected before you packed them away.
  14. When transporting your computer to your new home, let it adjust to room temperature before plugging it in.
  15. If you have pets, try to arrange for a friend or family member to watch them on moving day to lessen your pooch’s (and your) stress level.
  16. Always pack an overnight bag to help you settle into your home the day after you move in. Include items like, toilet paper, telephone, toiletries, snacks, coffee and coffee pot, soap, flashlight, paper plates, cups, utensils, cleaning supplies, and any other essentials you anticipate needing the first day after you move.

While this list is not comprehensive, hopefully, it will help you get organized to have a smooth move at your next home.

Where to Invest in Real Estate: A Case for Wilmington, NC


Building ,buying, renting, loan, repairs, renovation , insurance ect. Home on the top of a register with sales receipt coming out of the window on a white background.Are you looking to investment property in Wilmington, North Carolina? Check out how the real estate investment blog, BiggerPockets, analyzes Wilmington’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to conclude that The Port City is a worthy real estate investment location. Click here to find out more information:


Meet Jason Bryant, our newest leader here at Bryant Real Estate. He has joined Bryant Real Estate as the Owner Operator since 2015. Jason oversees all operations of the Vacation Rentals, Long Term Rentals, and Sales departments. While there have been no changes to our amazing team at the Long Term Rentals office, we have enjoyed Jason’s upper management style, attention to detail, and focus on quality customer service—for our owners and tenants!

While he was born and raised in Wilmington, Jason left the area to pursue his engineering degree at Purdue University and MBA at University of Michigan while working at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio. After working for GE for 7 years in management and leadership roles, he changed gears and entered the consulting realm with McKinsey & Company, a top-rated global consulting firm. He spent the following three years traveling the world and advising Fortune 500 companies to improve operations and profitability. Jason decided to return home to Wilmington to use his business acumen gained through his time through his prior endeavors to improve and transform his family’s business—Bryant Real Estate.

Bryant Real Estate has been a Wilmington fixture since 1952, so count on our history, experience, personal touch, and now the next generation to leverage cutting edge technology to successfully manage your property. While we are big enough to know, we are still small enough to care!


Welcome to our new home!!

Responsive Homepage Graphic

Welcome to, Bryant Real Estate’s new website for Long Term Rentals! We have updated our website to make navigation more user friendly on your desktop computer and your mobile device!

One of the biggest changes we have made to our website allows prospective tenants to apply for vacant rental properties online from the comfort of your home. This improved feature also streamlines the application process. This enables us to process prospective tenants faster, which is a wonderful benefit for both tenants and owners. To apply for a rental property, you can select the Vacancies tab, pick a property, and click “Apply Now” in the bottom right corner of the listing. For our current tenants, you have easy access the Tenant Portal to pay rent and bills online or to input a maintenance request on our home page or under the Tenants tab on the navigation bar.

For owners interested in more information about Management Services at Bryant Real Estate, you can find out what we offer to meet your property management needs under Owners on the navigation bar. Here, you will see Management Services and FAQ, which are both excellent resources for prospective landlords. For our current owners, you can easily access your Owner Portal for Owner Statements on our home page or under the Owners tab on the navigation bar.

Please, explore our new website and give us your feedback! We hope you find the new layout and design pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate.

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